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Controlling mosquitoes on your property takes two phases: larval control and adult mosquito control. We discussed larval control earlier, now it’s time to go over adult control methods. It’s best to go over all the following points in order get the best control methods.

Mosquito Traps: These devices come in various sizes and types but they all do the same thing—attract and then kill or trap insects. Make sure check to out the type of device you need based on outdoor or indoor use, the room you need to control mosquitoes in and your family and pets safety. Make sure the device is safe for kids and pets and is effective in the area of use.

night lamp with mosquito killer function

Space Sprays: Sprays can be used indoors to control insects. One of the problems with space sprays is that they use dangerous chemicals that can have a bad effect on kids and pets. Use them sparingly or not at all. Natural repellents made from plant oils and mosquito traps can keep family safe while effectively controlling mosquitoes indoors.


Outdoor Control: The use of mosquito traps that attract and then kill mosquitoes are the most effective for outdoor use. The solar powered outdoor mosquito traps are a no hassle way to help control populations and they require no underground wiring and also provide light on walkways and outdoor gathering entertainment areas. Mosquito zappers can be used on outdoor patios.

Solar garden lamp

Vegetation Control: Adult mosquitoes love to rest on vegetation and weeds. Cutting down tall weeds and grass on a regular basis can help immensely with mosquito control. Make sure to cut weeds next to foundations and fences.


Personal Mosquito Protection: The first line of defense against mosquitoes is personal protection and a safe and effective personal protection can be found in natural plant oil repellents.  Natural repellents are generally regarded as safe for pregnant women, babies, children and pets.

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