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It’s almost that time of year again, picnics, sporting events, hiking, fishing, and yes—biting, annoying bugs. Get yourself going early this year to make sure that the bugs don’t win. There are simple things you can do to get ready so that you’re prepared. This summer, health authorities expect the mosquitoes arrive in the United States so it’s especially important to make sure mosquitoes don’t start breeding and cause infestation problems. 

One of the first things you need to do is to rid your property of anything that holds water—old pet dishes, bottle caps, hub caps, old tires, broken dishes. This will help prevent mosquitoes and other insects from breeding. Another thing you can do is to repair any cracks or holes in your house and replace or repair old screens. Also, make sure outside doors closed completely and air conditioners are working so that windows can be shut when hot weather sets in.

Another important consideration is to make sure to use natural mosquito repellents and insect killing devices to keep you, family and guests safe. The following are suggestions for using some of our more popular and effective insect control products. Remember, you can use these devices together in strategic locations throughout the house and outdoors to get complete coverage. (Just click on the product name to go to ordering page)

Electronic Killer Zapper

This is your main line of defense against bugs in the house. Hang the Killer Zapper near an entrance way in your home to make sure it gets insects before they get in the house. The killer zapper effectively attracts bugs with its UV light and then zaps them with its electronic grid. You can empty the dead bugs with the convenient tray on the bottom of the device. Wipe it clean and reinsert.

Photocatalytic Mosquito Trap

This ingenious device can be used in the interior of the home, a bedroom or living room is usually the best application. It attracts insects, sucks them in and dries and dehydrates them. It has a very quiet operation and is extremely safe to use around kids and pets. The dead bugs can be easily cleaned out and the device sanitized.


Outdoor Solar Powered Insect Killer Lamp

These can be pushed into the ground around walk ways outside the house. They serve as safety lights and also kill mosquitoes. Place them 4 or 5 feet apart along walk ways or near outdoor gathering places or when camping. They require no electrical hookup and save a lot of money because they use solar power to operate. This is truly a worry free, completely hassle free solution to outdoor bug control.


Mosquito Repellent Leather Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is very effective at keeping the bugs off of you and your kids, and they look great doing it. They use natural Citronella and other plant oils that insects hate but that have a very pleasant aroma and are generally safe for people and pets, no DEET or other harmful chemicals. Kids, tweens and adults all love this fashionable braided leather wrist wrap and the bugs really scatter when you put it on.

Slap On Repellent Bracelet

This one is designed for the little ones, but adults can use it too. It easily “slaps on”, kids can put it on and pull it off with no problem. It also employs natural oils so there are no worries that your child is being exposed to dangerous chemicals like DEET. Great for outdoor sporting events like the kids soccer game or camping, hiking. They’re waterproof so the kids can run through the sprinkler or jump in the pool.

Key Chain Insect Repellent

This fashionable clip on repellent is very powerful and can be used by anyone anywhere. Clip it on a shirt button hole, dress strap, belt loop, back pack, baby carriage—it can be used in any situation. It has 40 days of protection and uses natural Citronella to ward off nasty, dirty bugs. It’s also waterproof and generally safe for people, pets and babies.

Make Sure You’re Completely Covered This Year

Indoors or out, you need complete coverage to really be safe from insects. Make sure to use indoor devices, outdoor killer lamps and keep personal insect repellent bracelets handy, keep plenty in the camper, boat, first aid kits, fishing tackle, etc.—you never know when the attack may begin.