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Hurray! The Boston Marathon and Running Season are here! (But so are the Bugs)

the Boston Marathon

There’s nothing more attractive to mosquitoes and biting insects than a sweaty, heavy breathing human after (and even during) heavy exercise. So even though running is great for your body, you’re also attracting unwanted insect guests.

As the Boston Marathon approaches, amateur and big league runners are gearing up for another running season. But why do the mosquitoes and biting insects get excited as well? It seems as if the more we exert; the more the little devils bother us.

It’s certainly not because they like exercise—but they do like what exercise produces. Lactic acid, Uric acid and Octenol are produced in abundance when we sweat and breathe heavy and these chemicals are also signals to mosquitoes and biting insects that there are humans present.

That’s why at OutXPro™ we recommend that at the Boston Marathon, along with your GPS watch and a good pair of running shoes, that you bring a natural insect repellent such as our leather mosquito repellent bracelet along on your running treks.

These attractive mosquito repellent bracelets are DEET free, chemical free and look great. Teens, tweens and adults love these great looking and highly effective insect repellents. They are secured with ease by just tying the ends around your wrist, or wrist and ankle for protection in highly mosquito infested areas. Don’t worry about getting them wet with an occasional douse of water when you need to cool down, they’re very much waterproof and will stay functional. Each leather bracelet provides 15 days protection from biting bugs and mosquitoes.

Here are a few more personal insect repellents that runners of all sizes and types will love:

Your littlest runners will find that the snap on mosquito repellent bracelet makes a great insect repellent and is very easy for little fingers to take on and off. It’s also DEET free and uses the same natural plant oils that effectively keep biting insects and mosquitoes away while your kids get some much needed exercise and summer fun.

Kids and family members will also love our coiled mosquito repellent bracelet as well. These are DEET free and chemical free like the rest of our bracelets. Everyone will love the many different bright colors and they are the easiest to slip on or take off. Loop the dog’s collar through one of these effective insect repellent bracelets and buckle it back on so Fido can get some protection as well.

Our Velcro Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is a big hit with runners everywhere. Imagine your self at the Boston Marathon.....This is a very sporty looking wrist band that has an instant fit when you wrap and secure it to your wrist. Each package comes with 3 insect repellent bracelets with an extra pellet refill (providing 15 days protection) for each one—that’s 90 days protection in all.

So there you have it, whether you’re going to brave ‘Heart Break Hill’ at the Boston Marathon this year or just running the local 5K, you’re going to need natural insect repellents and mosquito repellent bracelets to keep the biters away.

And please remember, DEET is dangerous. This toxic chemical along with the other dangerous ingredients in most mainstream insect repellents can cause serious side effects and there still are no long term studies that prove their safety. That’s at OutXPro™ we use DEET free yet highly effective repellent ingredients such as Citronella, Lemon oil and others to keep your family safe from insects and safe from toxins.

Keep on running and congratulations to all the qualifiers at this year’s Boston Marathon!