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Congratulations and thank you for choosing the Rescue Knife. Please read the manual carefully and comply with all the requirements before using.

Survival rescue knife
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Functions of knife:

A. Belt cutter
B. Led flashlight
C. Half teeth blade knife
D. Bottle opener
E. Glass breaker
F. Belt clip
G. Fire starter

Setting up the Rescue Knife Flashlight

Remove the flashlight by gripping and pulling it straight out, then turn the light counter clockwise while holding the lower half (battery compartment) until it comes apart. Take off the protective paper on the top of the batteries. Screw in the light component and push the light back in to the knife. Replacement batteries (AG1/LR621) can be purchased at major department stores, pharmacies or camera shops.

Using the Rescue Knife JH-086

Congratulations on the purchase of the Rescue Knife, a high quality and very versatile piece of survival equipment that every home, camper, boat or car should have.

Blade: The hardened stainless steel blade can be used for a number of cutting jobs while camping, hiking or for daily needs around the house. To open the blade, hold the knife housing firmly and pull open the blade until you hear it click into place. New knives may need to be pulled open a few times until they click open easily. To close the blade, hold the knife housing firmly making sure fingers and thumb are well away from the blade compartment. Then place the thumb of the other hand on the serrated closing mechanism inside the blade compartment near the folding joint and push the closing mechanism towards the side of the knife that the serrated closing mechanism is closest to—hold the mechanism in place towards the side of the blade compartment. (The serrated closing mechanism is a long flexible piece of flat steel with a serrated area close to the blade that keeps the blade from closing). While holding the serrated closing mechanism towards the side of the knife, push the blade slightly upwards and then let go of the serrated closing mechanism. Make sure fingers and thumb are out of the way of the blade and then close the blade completely.

Belt Clip: The rescue knife has a belt clip that can be clipped to a belt or pocket.

Bottle opener: The blade also has a bottle opener that can easily open non twist-off bottle caps.

Saw: a small, very sharp saw is also included on the knife blade and can be used for cutting small pieces of wood, plastic or other hard material, with the exception of metal.

Seat Belt Cutter: At the end of the Rescue Knife is a seat belt cutter that can be used to cut your seat belt in case of entrapment in a vehicle and also serve as a twine or rope cutter.

Glass Breaker: On the same end of the knife as the belt cutter there is a glass breaker (a small nub of steel at the end of the knife) which can be used to break open your car window in case the car is submerged or used for other emergencies where breaking the car window is necessary to get out of the car (fire, door jammed from crash, etc.).

LED Flashlight: To turn the flashlight on, turn the light counter clockwise; to turn it off, turn light clockwise.

Fire Starter: on the other end from the flashlight is a fire starter. Grip firmly and pull the fire starter out of its casement. Scratch the paint off of the starter with a knife. To start a fire, gather dry leaves, dry dead grass or other such igniting material and push a blade across the length of the starter with a firm grip until sparks are produced to light up the igniting material. The fire starter can also be used to ignite a propane camp stove, home stove or BBQ.

The Most Versatile Knife

The Rescue Knife is a great addition to your gear; use it as an everyday household tool or for outdoor excursions. Buy several and keep them in the car glove box, fishing tackle box, camper, backpack or boat. You’ll find it to be one of the best tools you own while it also has the added benefit of an emergency item for vehicle escape, starting fires or lighting your way in the dark.

Multi Use Rescue Knife w. Flashlight 5 in 1

Our multi use rescue knife has a tough stainless steel blade plus an emergency light, bottle opener, a seat belt cutter and glass breaker in case of automobile entrapment and a magnesium fire starter if you’re stuck in the woods.

Here is a short description on how to activate the Flash Light.

Pull the light off the knife.

Unscrew the flash light and take off the small white protective paper at the end of the battery stack.

Place the battery stack back in the flash light and screw the two parts together until the flash light turns on. In order to turn off the light unscrew it half a turn until the light is off. Screw it clockwise if you need the light again.

Replacement AG1/LR621 batteries can be purchased here or in any retail shop:

How to fold/close the knife

for safety, the blade of the knife cannot be closed unless you press the silver security block to the left and close it carefully.

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All the best for you and have fun with your new knife !

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