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It’s a Safe Alternative to Chemical Sprays for Your Best Friend

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You’ve got the family covered with all the best natural insect repellents, but the mosquitoes are still flying around at your heels, and then you look down and realize that they’re buzzing around your dog and cat. It’s obvious that your plan to completely eradicate nuisance bugs is not going to be successful until EVERYONE in the family is covered.

Can the Family Pet Wear Natural Insect Repellents?

The short answer is yes, but you should be aware that some animals may be sensitive to the plant oils that natural repellents use. Other than that caveat, your cat and dog will be just fine with these effective devices. You can easily attach a bracelet or key chain repellent on their collar; just make sure it’s not too loose as it may get caught on a branch, bush or other obstacle your pet gets into.

Which Repellent Products are best for Pets to Wear?

One of the most convenient and easy to use is a key chain repellent. Simply attach it to your pet’s collar and you’re done.

The woven mosquito bracelet can be wrapped around the collar and then the ends tied together to make it fit tightly next to the collar in order to keep it from hooking onto a branch or other encumbrance.

The slap bracelet can be attached to a collar as well. Just open it until it’s straightened, push it under your pet’s collar and push both ends of the bracelet until it slaps close. This one may not be appropriate for smaller animals.
Child Insect Repellent Slap Bracelet
The button bracelet is another one that can be attached to a collar. Just make sure to wrap it around the collar until it’s tight, and then snap the ends together.

Whichever product you use, make sure to monitor your pet for the first hour they wear it to check them for sensitivity. If they seem to be irritated or sneezing, take the repellent product off immediately. All of the products above are waterproof, so don’t worry about their effectiveness if your pet gets in the water or rained on.

Do Natural Repellent Products Repel Fleas?

You’ll be happy to know that, yes they do. Citronella in particular does a good job at this (OUTXPRO products use citronella as their primary ingredient). Make sure that your pet gets a regular flea bath as well.

Other Things you can do to Keep Insect Pests off Your Pet

Make sure to do the following in order keep your pet free of insects:

• Wash pet beds, blankets or any other material your pet lays/sleeps on regularly.
• Keep areas in your yard that your pet frequents insect free—cut grass often, remove water-holding items like old tires and bowls, replace drinking bowls with fresh water daily, fill in any areas of your property that can collect water, remove any green trash such as leaf piles.
• Make sure your pet is dipped or bathed with flea bath shampoo regularly.
• Use one of the suggested natural repellents above to keep insects off your pets.