OutXPro™ Products Are Now EPA Approved (2017) | OUTXPRO

OutXPro Products Are Now EPA Approved (2017)

At OutXPro™ we are proud to announce that our products, all our insect repellent devices are now approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Moreover, our mosquito repellent bracelets are recognized by EPA as products which use non harmful natural oils and as such not need a registration with EPA. What this means is that the most important agency for environmental over sight in the United States has deemed our products safe for the environment and humans.

No toxic emissions or harmful chemicals like DEET are used in our mosquito repellents, insect repellents or zappers. One of the most dangerous chemicals, DEET, can be quite harmful to the environment as it does not immediately break down like the more natural plant oils in our bracelets for instance.

Our natural products of course have another advantage: Since our mosquito repellent bracelets are DEET and chemical free they will not harm humans either. The natural plant oils used in our personal insect repellents are perfectly safe for kids, pets, adults and pregnant women.

With all the negative scientific information about chemicals and the environment, it’s clear that the natural and DEET free approach for insect repellents is the best for your family and the environment as well.