Digital Marketing Conference 

The annual conference which brings together experts, customers, professionals and beginners in the field of Digital Marketing. 

17-18 February Apolonia

dmc-cy 01


  • Digital Marketing revolution
  • Digital transformation
  • The Digital Trends
  • The role of branding in digital
  • Change the way you engage with your customer using mobile
  • The importance of the Business Electronic Presence today
  • Growth Hacking Start-ups
  • How to get maximum engagement in Social Media
  • Inbound marketing
  • Succesfull Digital Strategy in Today's Multi-touch World
  • Tips and Tricks and advice for your business on the web


disrupt europe

DIM-CY speakers


adonis Anastasiou

 Outxpro at DIM-CY conference

Theocharis Katranis: with digitalmarketing you can take your business directly to your customers. vkdmc

theocharis Katranis


Haris Machlouzarides shares data on digital environment 

Haris Machoularizides