Mosquito Repellant Pouch | OUTXPRO


If you have to wear a bug repellant, why not do it with style? The Camo Mosquito Repellant Pouch has a handy key chain with a very cool camo look that teens, tweens or you will love.

Open the package by holding the bag and pulling from left to right at the indentation near the top of the package. Do not throw away the plastic bag, use it to seal and store your pouch to keep it fresh and potent overnight or between weekends.

The mosquito repellent pouch can be hooked on a belt loop, a button hole, backpack, dress shoulder strap or even the handle of a baby carriage. It’s safe for babies, kids, adults and pets because it’s made of natural, powerful citronella oil that bugs hate yet has a wonderful aroma that people love.


• Although nontoxic, the pouch is not recommended for children under 4.
• Do not let children chew or lick the pouch. (Once a child tastes how bitter it is, they will not attempt another taste.)
• Do not use if you have plant allergies to any ingredients. There’s a list of oils on the package.
• Provides protection from flying insects for up to 40 days.

The mosquito repellent pouch is waterproof and can be used in the rain, while swimming, etc. No more dangerous chemical sprays or lotions that can have negative health effects such as skin irritations or even cancer. Make sure to place the pouch back into the plastic bag, push the air out and seal it so that the potency is maintained. Enjoy your outdoors with one of the most fashionable, safe and effective insect repelling devices available.