Mosquito Repellant Keyring | OUTXPRO


Here’s the most fashionable way to keep the bugs off this summer. This cool looking key ring will chase mosquitoes and other biting insects away and look great doing it. Follow the directions below for a safe and effective insect repellant experience.

Setting Up the Key Ring

To open, hold the two halves of the package, pull them apart and take out the keyring and the two gel inserts. You can fasten the keyring on a belt loop, a dress shoulder strap, button hole or baby carriage. It’s safe, effective and the aroma is very pleasant because the gel inserts are made of natural citronella plant oil. Each package contains two gel inserts, each lasting 15 days each, that’s 30 days protection total.

To load the gel insert, pull up the elastic on the front of the key ring and firmly push the gel insert into the mesh pocket.


• Although nontoxic, the bracelet is not recommended for children under 4.
• Do not let children chew or lick the keyring. (Once a child tastes how bitter it is, they will not attempt another taste.)
• Do not use if you have plant allergies to any ingredients. There’s a list of oils on the package.

The mosquito repellant keyring is waterproof and can be used in the rain, while swimming, etc. Place the keyring loaded with the gel insert into a zip lock plastic bag, push the air out and seal it so that the potency is maintained between weekends or overnight. Enjoy your outdoors with one of the most fashionable, safe and effective bug repelling devices available.