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A Comprehensive Plan to Eliminate Bugs

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They’re annoying, dirty, they show up everywhere, carry dangerous diseases—and getting rid of them can be a real problem. You truly need a comprehensive plan to make your home and personal space bug free. Some solutions include chemical sprays, skin lotions and home foggers to control insects, but these may also cause skin irritations and expose you and your family to toxic overload as well.

So, is there a complete and non-toxic solution? YES, and it’s right here at OUTXPRO. But to have a truly effective and complete solution you need to look at the entire problem and find ways to protect your family everywhere—everywhere includes the whole house, the area outside your house and when you’re away at sporting events, camping, etc. After all, what good is setting up a bug zapper near the front door when there are flies in the kitchen and your kids are getting bit by mosquitoes in the back yard and at summer camp?

Really the best way to cover an insect problem is with multiple products. The following is a possible scenario that includes some of our most effective insect control devices. Remember, some or all of these products may need to be used and depending on the size of your home you may need more than one Killer Zapper or Photocatalytic Mosquito Trap Light. One of the most important aspects of bug control is coverage, and the following is designed to keep you and your family covered the best way possible. Click on images to go to the product info/ordering pages.

The Killer Zapper

One of the most important devices to use is the Killer Zapper, your primary weapon for insect control in the home. This effective killer will attract flies, mosquitoes and other pests with its black light and kill them in its electronic grid. It’s best to place the zapper near a doorway about 5 or 6 feet off the floor where insects enter the home; it can also be placed in a covered patio to protect your family while relaxing there. Do not place the zapper outdoors or any place that has gasoline or other flammable material. It’s best to hang it from a ceiling or on the wall.

Photocatalytic Trap Light

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The Trap Light is designed for more subdued, low trafficked areas in the home. The best place for this lamp is a bedroom or other interior room in the house. Place the lamp near the doorway at least 2 or 3 feet above the floor and 10 or more feet from any humans or pets in the room. Make sure the lamp is placed in an area where there is very little air movement so that mosquitoes and flies can move easily in the direction of the machine. Don’t keep it near a bedside or bugs will tend to be attracted to the person in the bed and not the machine. Whatever room you use for the Trap Light, make sure doors and windows are shut. The Killer Lamp will work by attracting and killing flies and mosquitoes but you must be patient and let it do its job. You will not see instant results, but within a short time the Killer Lamp will start collecting dead insects.

Solar Powered Electric Garden Lamp/Mosquito Bug Zapper

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Protection continues outdoors with this cost effective bug killer. It’s best to place these on a walkway outdoors or near your doorway. Line up 6 to 8 or more of these zappers depending on the length of your sidewalk/walkway, about 6 feet to 10 feet apart. These are solar powered so you can use them anywhere and need no electrical hookup or underground conduit. Take them camping (they make a great lantern) or use them at boat docks, picnic areas, pool areas—anywhere outside where bugs reside. These solar lamps save money and keep outdoor areas safely lit at night and also eliminate the need for dangerous chemical pest control sprayers.

Mosquito Bug Zapper LED Solar Powered Garden Lamp

This is another outdoor option that can be used in covered areas or for camping, boating or any other outdoor activity. It’s solar powered so needs no electricity and can be used to light up your outdoor camp at night or light up and protect you from insects while sitting on a porch enjoying the evening. The LED Bug Zapper can be used indoors as well and it has a hanging hook for tents, chairs and decks. Makes a great emergency light as well, no batteries or lamp oil required.

The Clip-On Mosquito Repellent Fan

This is another portable battery operated option that can be used outside or inside the home. The Clip On Fan also has a USB connection that can be plugged into any device so equipped to save batteries. It can be attached to a pocket, shirt pocket or belt so you can use it at picnics, sporting events, camping—just about anywhere. The fan can be placed on a table or bench and protect you and others from flying pests in an area approximately 15 feet by 15 feet. The Clip On Fan uses natural plant oils like Citronella and others that smell very pleasant but effectively repel insects. What’s more, it’s perfectly safe for adults, kids and pets.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets and Key Chain Pouch

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OUTXPRO offers many non-toxic and convenient personal repellents that the whole family can wear. All of these products use natural plant oils that have a pleasant aroma to people but insects hate the smell and scatter as soon as you put the device on. Check out the following links, choose a few and wear them anywhere to protect against flying pests.