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7 Things you must do to get rid of Bugs
Mosquito and Garbage

1 Get rid of lawn trimmings, leaves and garbage

Insects love piled up natural refuse to breed and live in. When this green trash piles up and gets moist, it makes a perfect environment for them. Make sure that you not only take away the piles of grass and leaves, but also rake them up off your property after mowing.

2 Trim branches and trees next to the house

Don’t allow bugs to use natural bridges to get into your home. Trimming branches, trees and bushes next to your home will keep them from entering the house.

3 Don’t use mulch or pine chips next to your house, use decorative stone instead

Mulch and other natural material encourage insects to breed and inhabit them. Using stone instead will keep bugs further away from your home and thus keep them from entering. Furthermore, if you have a very severe infestation problem, you can spray the stone with insecticide to prevent any infestation from the outside.

4 Encourage bats to roost with a Bat House

Bats will eat half their weight in insects each night so it’s not a bad idea to encourage them to roost on your property. Bat roosts can be purchased at any large yard and garden store or major department store.

5 Encourage birds with a bird feeder and Warbler/Swallows food plus bird bath

They’re great to look at and many species love to eat bugs. Many birds are encouraged to stay near your property and return daily when food is present. Offering food for Warblers and Swallows (special blends are available at retail stores) will encourage these particular insect eaters to come often and eat the food plus your mosquitoes as well. Some species of birds will eat their weight in insects every day.

6 Get rid of old tires or anything that holds water

Make sure anything like tires, old bowls, hubcaps and the like are turned so that they cannot hold rain water or removed. Any natural occurring water holders (like old hollowed out tree trunks or dead hollowed trees) should be filled in. Low lying areas of your property should be graded or filled so that they do not hold standing water for bugs to breed in.

7 Clean up pet droppings

Nuff said. It’s organic material and will easily attract flies for breeding.