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What Would Happen if We did Not Control Mosquito Populations?

As bad off as some areas are when it comes to mosquito attacks, things could actually be much worse if there were no on-going mosquito control methods in place.

But just what would it be like without insecticide spraying methods, stagnant water control and repellents? The following are a few scenarios to consider if mosquitoes ran a muck without any control.

The Diseases Mosquitoes Carry

In 1934 (not long ago in terms of epidemics) there were 125,000 cases of Malaria. If there were no mosquito control this deadly killer could reestablish and once again become a problem in the U.S., there is no cure, only treatment methods for Malaria.

In the 19th century, the coastal cities on the Atlantic and Gulf Coast from Boston all the way to the Mississippi River had outbreaks of the deadly Yellow Fever.

Dengue fever is seeing a rise in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other places in the Caribbean but this is only a small increase compared to what it could be without any mosquito control methods in place. The same is true for Chikungunya virus.

Also, there were 36,000 cases of encephalitis viruses from 1999-2014, from this 16,000 cases of permanent disability occurred and 1500 deaths. This scenario could be much worse without any mosquito control.

Quality of Life is lower Due to Greater Numbers of Mosquitoes

There are cases of Alaskan Caribou asphyxiated because of inhalation of millions of mosquitoes.

Hundreds of years ago Native Americans moved from lowlands at the American eastern seaboard to inland mountains due to mosquito harassment.

Female mosquitoes produce 400 million babies that make it to adulthood; this is if only 25% survive.

Mosquito traps in the Everglades and barrier islands in Florida have recorded many pounds of mosquitoes. One pound of mosquitoes equals over one million individuals.

Having to wear long sleeves and long pants on hot days or not going out on beautiful balmy days because of fear of mosquito bites.

Negative Impact on Wildlife and Domestic Animals

25,000 horses died between 2000 and 2007 due to Western Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus.

Bald eagles, emus and ostriches and other zoo species have been killed by West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

7 of only 39 whooping cranes in the state of Maryland were killed by Eastern Equine Encephalitis in 1984.

West Nile killed over 300 alligators in zoos from 2000 to 2015.

West Nile also has killed avian and endangered species such as Florida Scrub-Jay, Whooping Crane and California Condor.

Negative Impact on Local Economies

Tourist destinations in the United States are often some of the worst areas as regards mosquito infestation. They could be much worse without any mosquito control. Mosquito problems also often arise in hiking and camping areas.

Attendance at outdoor picnics, drive in movies, sports games, concerts, ceremonies and parades can be greatly affected by increased mosquito populations.

Mosquito populations can have a profound effect on dairy and beef prices due to mosquito attacks on Cows.

Without mosquito control, many real estate areas could not be developed and some areas would be uninhabitable. Land values could be devastated without modern day mosquito control methods.

Individual Mosquito Control: What you can Do

There are things all of us can do to keep populations of mosquitoes under control. Make sure there is no standing water on your property such as old tires, old bowls, pet water dishes, bottle caps and low lying areas. Empty and prevent any standing water on property because this is how mosquitoes breed.