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Mosquitoes bothering you? Then grab a spray can and get to work, right? Unfortunately, while killing the mosquitoes you’re also exposing your family to dangerous chemicals like DEET and others that can cause neurological damage, rash, headaches and other side effects.


Your best plan of action should be to use chemical free plant based mosquito repellent bracelets, insect repellents and insect zappers that are effective and perfectly safe for kids, pets, adults and pregnant women.

But it’s really not a matter of just trading one for another, although that’s a good start. What you need to be truly bug free (as well as DEET free) is a comprehensive plan that includes a number of different ways (including for instance insect zappers as well as mosquito repellent bracelets and outdoor strategies) to keep the bugs away in several locations inside your home and outside on your property.

This comprehensive plan includes stopping insects before they breed as well as different DEET free repellent strategies, safe and effective insect repellents and insect zappers used in the right areas.

Your First Line of Defense: Stop Them Before they Breed

To really stop them is to eliminate them before they can start. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed, so make sure there are no tire ruts, low lying areas with standing water or vessels such as old tires, pet water bowls, garbage lids, etc. that can hold water. Also, make sure to replace water in bird feeders every week. Also, make sure grass is cut every week, mosquitoes and other nuisance bugs love long grass.

Second: Keep them from Getting In

Another thing you can do is to make sure window screens and door screens do not have holes, if not, have them replaced or repaired-this is one of the best insect repellents you can have. Also, make sure there are no holes in your house siding or basement concrete or cement blocks; fill them with cement filling or chalk if needed. Make sure there is no space around pipes or exhaust vents also, fill as needed.

Third: Personal Insect Repellents  

Your next step in this comprehensive plan is to use natural personal repellents such as DEET free mosquito repellent bracelets and other insect repellents.

  • Leather Mosquito Repellent Bracelets. These beautiful insect repellent bracelets are very popular with tweens, teens, kids and adults. Very convenient, just tie them on and go. No DEET and perfectly safe for people, pets and even pregnant women. At least 15 days protection from each bracelet.
insect repellent bracelet 12

  • Slap on Bracelet for Kids. These colorful bracelets are a big hit with children and very effective at repelling mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Chemical free so you can rest assured your little ones are safe from insects and unwanted toxins as well. Comes with 2 refills, that’s 45 days protection from each bracelet.
insect repellent bracelet for kids 2

  • Coiled Insect Bracelet. Many different colors and ease of use are featured with this effective and fun mosquito repellent bracelet. This is probably the easiest to use, just slip it on a wrist or ankle and it’s ready to protect against bugs.
insect repellent bracelet 12

insect repellent bracelet 14

Fourth: Home Insect Control

Keeping your family safe from mosquitoes and insects continues indoors with this comprehensive plan. Here’s the devices and where to place them:

  • Insect Zapper. This electronic insect zapper is for the big jobs. Hang it in the kitchen, near the entrance way or anywhere that bugs are at their greatest concentration. Has a safety grate so it keeps children and pets from accidental shock. Can be used commercially in restaurants, shops, offices and clinics.
  • Electromagnetic Plug in Pest Control. Perhaps one of our easiest ever, just plug in the wall and it’s ready to drive away rodents, mosquitoes, flies ants—just about any pest you can think of. Best placed in the kitchen or any other room that has a high concentration of bugs. Use one per floor.
electromagnetic pest control mosquito repellent

  • Mosquito Killer Trap. This quiet, very safe and effective device is best used in bedrooms and other low traffic areas. Easy to clean, just press in the tab in back, pull off the cover and brush out the bugs (brush included).
mosquito killer trap 8

  • LED Solar Powered Garden Light with Mosquito Zapper Function. For outdoor use, these devices can be placed on your walkway entrance, patio or anywhere the family gathers outside. Use 4 or more for best effect. Solar power means no batteries to change and no electrical hookup—very economical and environmentally friendly. This insect zapper controls the bug population and reduces bites indoors and out.
solar garden mosquito repellent lamp

So there you have it, you’re 4 Stage comprehensive plan to be truly bug free for the coming year. As always, if you have the pests, OutXPro™ has the solution.