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With all the choices in life to make, sometimes you need a little help with decision making. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for deciding your best choice for personal insect repellent and killing devices. You can use more than one of course, some are designed to use together and some are designed for children or others that may have a hard time taking off and putting on bracelets. Click on the name of the product for more information and ordering page.

The Leather Insect Repellent Bracelet

This is the perfect repellent device for those who are looking for a stylish way to repel bugs. These braided leather repellents use citronella and other natural plant oils that have a pleasant aroma but bugs hate. They’re ideal for teens, tweens and anybody that wants to look good while repelling insects. Make sure to stock up on these, they can easily be stored in a fishing tackle box, first aid kit, glove box, boat or camper.

The Slap Bracelet

This repellent is designed for children, but anyone can wear them. Made to instantly fit, these are very convenient bracelets, just stretch it out straight, hold it over the wrist or ankle and push it on. It will then “slap” around and fit perfectly, and it can easily be pulled off by kids or adults. These colorful slap bracelets are kid favorites, we’ve found that many children would rather wear the slap bracelet than other personal repellent devices. It truly is made “just for them” and kids really love the shapes and colors. They use natural plant oils that are generally safe for kids, pregnant women and pets, but just watch the insects scatter when you put them on.

Key Chain Repellent Pouch

This very cool and fashionable camo pouch can be worn on a belt loop, a dress shoulder strap, a button hole, backpack or baby carriage. They last 40 days each and use natural plant oils so they’re generally safe for kids, adults and pets. As with all our personal insect defense products, the key chain pouch is easily stored anywhere so that you can clip it on the moment you have a mosquito or biting fly attack. They serve double duty as sturdy key chains so that your important keys are at the ready.

Mosquito Repellent Button Bracelet

This Repellent Bracelet comes in individual seal-able foil packages that can be zip locked and stored between uses so that the freshness and potency is maintained between weekends and overnight. The Button Bracelet comes in many different colors for the fashionably conscious and anyone who requires “matching” clothing/bracelet styles. Each bracelet will last 7 days, but our product testers have found that they can last much longer if sealed in their containers between uses.

Mosquito Repellent Wristband

For those who require an easy to use and adjustable strength insect repellent, the Wristband is just the ticket. Pull it on your wrist or ankle and poke out or pull off 1 to 6 of the divots on the front of the bracelet depending on how much protection from insects that’s required.

Electronic Killer Zapper

Our Electronic Killer Zapper is your first line of defense inside the home. Make sure you place it strategically near an entrance way to the house to make the best use of its killing power. Insects are attracted to the UV light and then when they enter the device, a powerful electronic grid zaps them. The dead insects can then be cleaned out from the convenient removable tray underneath. Just clean it, sanitize it and put it back in the machine to collect more bugs. This is a very effective insect control device and will kill bugs in your home, office, clinic, motel, patio—you name it and it’ll do the job.

Photocatalytic Insect Trap

This is the latest scientific achievement in flying insect control. The Insect Trap lures insects in via its UV light and then, when they’re close enough, a fan sucks them in and dehydrates them. Simply pull off the back plate to clean out the dead insects. This device is safe for children, pets and adults and the ultra-quiet operation is perfect for those quiet interior areas of your home like bedrooms, reading rooms and other living areas. You can use the Killer Zapper above and two or more of the Insect Traps together for complete household protection.

Put Them On and Forget Them

All of the bracelets are super easy to use and can be worn on either a wrist or ankle and for better protection you can wear a bracelet on a wrist and one diagonally on an ankle. Some products come with a sealable bag, so make sure that you seal them back in their bags when not in use to keep them potent and fresh. Others, like the slap bracelets, can be placed in a zip lock bag when not in use. However you use them, make sure to stock up on these effective insect control devices. Keep them in the camper, boat, first aid kits, glove box, backpack and fishing tackle box. Stock up, summer is coming soon!