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Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun, as you know it happens every time. You forgot to get your insect repellent and you’re ready to have great summer fun at a family picnic, fishing trip, camping excursion or other outing and oops….here they come. The mosquitoes have arrived to put a damper on everyone’s summer fun.

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The Choice is yours: insect repellent or DEET

You have choices though. You can slather or spray yourself and your kids with chemical insect repellents like DEET. DEET is found in most commercial insect repellent and has a list of side effects such as headaches, memory loss, seizures and neurological problems. DEET can be especially dangerous when combined with other chemical insect repellents, which it often is. Frequent and long term use of DEET can cause neurological damage in susceptible individuals, such as children. A very unnerving list of problems indeed. It seems this dangerous chemical insect repellent is worse than the mosquito bites.

But there are effective and natural mosquito repellents such as plant oil based mosquito repellent bracelets and other products that are safe for kids, adults, pets and pregnant women.

The Natural Insect Repellent Choice is your Best Choice

Natural mosquito repellent products use plant oils such as Citronella, Lemongrass Oil, Geraniol and others, instead of DEET, that have been shown to be effective insect repellents and other bugs for up to several weeks.

Mosquito repellents based on natural oils are very convenient. Take them with you on fishing trips, camping, sporting events, hiking and anywhere else you might be exposed to mosquito bites. Keep them in the glove box, boat or camper. They’re water proof so no need to reapply anything after a swim. They’re also easy for kids to slip on their wrists.

Here’s a list of some of the best natural insect repellents as well as the most convenient to prevent mosquito bites without DEET and keep your summer fun, camping trip and other outdoor activity uninterrupted:

Mosquito Repellent Leather Bracelets

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Colorful and a big hit with kids, teens, tweens and adults, this stylish bracelet is waterproof so it can be used anywhere the summer fun is. It comes in many different colors and is very convenient—just tie the ends and your ready to protect yourself and your family from dangerous and painful mosquito bites. One of the best mosquito repellent bracelets available.

Slap on Insect Repellent Bracelet

insect repellent for kids

Your kids will love this easy to use natural insect repellent bracelet. So easy a child can use, just pull it straight, put it on your child’s arm or wrist and snap it on. You’ll love the mosquito bite free protection for your kids without harmful chemicals like DEET.

Mosquito repellent bracelets refill pellet

This is perhaps our easiest to use bracelet, just pull it on or off for quick use anytime you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent Garden Lamp

Garden Light with Mosquito Zapper Function

This versatile garden lamp can be used outdoors on patios or walk ways (4 or more offers the best protection) or you can pull one or two out of the ground to take with you camping, or summer fun activities. They’re solar powered, no batteries needed and no electrical hookup either.

Electromagnetic Mosquito and Insect Repellent

Pest, Insect, Rodent, Roach Repellent

Another easy to use device when you’re not outdoors is this plug-in that keeps mosquitoes and other insects out of the house. If mosquito bites are bothering the family indoors, this device is a great alternative to the DEET based products once again.

OutXPro™ Has You Covered

Whether you need protection outdoors from mosquito bites with our mosquito repellent bracelets while camping or other summer fun activities outdoors, or if you need protection indoors with our effective electromagnetic insect repellent, OutXPro™ has your family covered.