x 5 Things You Must Do to Get Rid of Mosquitoes | OUTXPRO

Trying to enjoy the outdoors again, and then those pesky uninvited guests show up—Huck! The blood suckers rule the day (and especially night) once again. But before you pack it in, know this: There are ways to reduce or get rid of these pests without spraying yourself and family with dangerous chemicals.


1. Plants that Mosquitoes Hate

If you’re any kind of a gardener, a very good anti-mosquito plan is to grow plants that mosquitoes can’t stand to be around. The five most effective are Citronella, Horsemint, Marigolds, Ageratum and Catnip. Three of the five are very beautiful flowering plants; Citronella and Catnip are not flowering but look very nice in a flower bed (Citronella is pictured above). One way to help keep mosquitoes under control is to place these five mosquito repelling beauties in pots and place them strategically near entrance ways to the house and around the deck when the family or guests are outside. They not only repel the little devils, they look great too.

2. Water, Water Everywhere

Mosquitoes love water because this is where they breed and lay their eggs. And they don’t need a pond, river, stream, lake or other natural water way in order to multiply. In fact, one species of mosquito actually prefers old tires full of water.

So, first things first—get rid of the old tires and anything else that holds water on your property. This includes changing out your bird bath twice per week. Also, make holes in the bottom of garbage cans so they don’t hold water which is very tempting for expectant mosquito moms.

Low lying areas of your yard or property can also hold water so that mosquitoes can breed. The solution here is to regrade the yard (fill in the holes and low spots) with fill dirt and then re-sod the area. For larger areas you may need to pump out the water before you regrade.

3. Cut Your Grass

Mosquitoes love tall grass to live and breed in (the areas below the grass tend to be very moist and a perfect environment for them). Cut your grass every week and even more when rain fall (and grass growing) is at its highest.

cut regularly the grass

4. Get Purple Martins and other Mosquito Eaters to reside on your Property

Some of the best and most natural mosquito control has to do with encouraging certain species of birds to make your yard their home. You can purchase a Purple Martin house at many hardware stores to attract these helpful mosquito-eating birds. These beautiful birds literally eat their weight in mosquitoes every day. They also tend to make their little mud residences in the eaves of houses. If you see these mud homes on your house eaves, do not take them down, they more than make up for the mess created by keeping you free of mosquitoes.

You can also purchase bat roosts to encourage bats to stay on the property. Bats are voracious consumers of mosquitoes and other insects.

5. Weed and Vegetation Control equals Mosquito Control

Cut down any weeds or heavy vegetation around the property. Mosquitoes love to reside in heavily weeded areas, bushes and any wet leaves or other such areas. Make sure to clean out your gutters and drains of sticks, leaves grass clippings etc.

So there it is—your quick guide to controlling mosquitoes and finally enjoying the outdoors without getting attacked by blood suckers. A little prevention will go a long way in controlling the little beasts and giving you and your family the relief you deserve.